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The crabs quickly disappeared the pig. Now we know they are the largest invertebrate to walk the earth - more than three feet long, pincer to pincer, with claws so strong that a researcher once tried to measure the force, and described it as "eternal hell" after a coconut crab caught his hand. But what,Cheap real ugg boot, wondered Mark Laidre, do they eat? "Few studies of this remarkable animal's behavior have been undertaken since Darwin's Beagle voyage," the Dartmouth College biologist wrote in a paper published this month. That they ate coconuts had been established long ago, of course. And like other crabs, Laidre wrote, they were known to scavenge off corpses (leaving aside whether Amelia Earhart was one of them.) But what else did they eat? Laidre was fascinated by a story told to him by a witness in 2014, from the Chagos Archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean. "An adult red-footed booby had landed near the entrance to a coconut crab's burrow," Laidre recounted. "As the bird stood there, the crab slowly emerged from its underground lair, approaching the bird from behind. The crab then grabbed the bird by one leg and dragged it, struggling, back into its,ugg boots outlet, @uggs sandals 326 @ugg boots 79.99 918 @uggs bailey bow 394 @ugg boots uk sale online 294 @uggs usa customer service 450