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Until recently UCLA didn't have a strong answer. The school's substandard football facilities stuck out on an otherwise first-rate campus, an idyllic place where school and sports mixed well but football never seemed to be pushed to the front of the line. Rick Neuheisel was right when, after being fired as UCLA's coach, he told ESPN Radio that UCLA "takes a knife to a gunfight" in college football's arms race. "I think every program across the country has to make a determination as to what their expectation level is and then finance that expectation level," Neuheisel said in 2011, "and in some places those numbers don't jibe." UCLA made a larger commitment with Mora and in August opened the much-needed, painfully overdue $65 million Wasserman Football Center on campus. But the school's investment would truly be tested by its decision on Mora, who went 4-8 last year and led another underwhelming team despite an NFL-ready quarterback in Josh Rosen. Even as UCLA couldn't stop the run -- a year after being unable to run the ball -- and the losses piled up, Mora didn't face the same heat as did other underachieving coaches. Many thought Mora's buyout, north of $12 million, would once again save him, especially at a California state school without SEC- or Big Ten-like revenue streams from its league or booster base.